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Will brake discs fit the 8kw Twizy?

Hi there,

I was strolling the internet (ebay) for brake discs for the renault twizy, as they are really expensive in Norway. I came across a great deal, but when I check the compatibility, it seems like they work with a 2012 model 13 KW, but NOT with an 8 KW model. Is there actually a difference here? I can’t seem to find anything for the 8 KW, but my registration says that it is what I’ve got.

Does anybody know anything about this?

Hi @mariusdale

Welcome to the site! Apologies I’ve only just seen this post as it was hidden away in the ‘About Twizy’ category description topic. I’ve moved it to its own topic now.

As far as I’m aware, the 13kw and 8kw Twizy are physically identical, the 8kw is just speed limited, so the brake discs should absolutely be compatible.

Watch out for brake discs from Borg&Beck, they have wrong inner diameter so the wheel bearing will not fit correctly. Buy only original discs.

I’m also in the market for new front brake discs for my 8kw, but mine is from 2016. Here in Sweden, the authorized Renault service partner wants ~700 EUR to replace them.
I found the Borg&Beck set on ebay.co.uk but it doesn’t explicitly say it will fit the 8kw, only the 13kw.

@TwizyDK, what was your experience?

As I wrote - DO NOT BUY Borg&Beck discs as they are wrong specs - the design is a bad copy of the original. The wheelbearings will not fit currectly as the hole is to to big.

Remember if you want to do the job your self you need wheelbearing as well and you need to be able to fit the wheelbearings in a press.

Find the original discs on ebay and if you can not change them yourself then have any local mechanic do it.

There is no difference on the brakes for the 8kw or 13kw

Hi there
i have looked at this quite closely the last few months and i have seen some good ideas
My thoughts were to use Motorbike Rotors (Disks) and bolt them to new aluminium hubs.

Otherwise the more cheaper option is to get your own disks skimmed, this is something i can do for you but there are many engineering firms around that could sort this out for you

would anyone be interested in the aluminium solutions
this would also allow you to drill a different stud pattern and fit wider wheels without the use of hub spacers

let me know if this would be of interest

yep would be interested , lets see some plans?

I was thinking about a rotor that fitted on top of the existing wheel stud and some modification to the brake calliper position.

that might work but moving the caliper is a lot of unnecessary work

depending on numbers I could make the disk and the hub or just buy Supermoto rear Disks

tell us more and the price , eventually every one is going to need to replace the front and rear brake disk.

I’m putting in a big machine this week but want to explore this further
i will strip mine and do a few drawings
Like i said i skimmed mine or you can turn up the REGEN on the Power-box and don’t use the brakes lol

i’ll let you know

I think if there is anyway to get a cost of spacers with new discs incorporated at or less than the current Renault discs cost, you might be machining a lot of these up!

Hopefully Brian can engineer a brake wheel spacer option and something for the standard wheel fitment :heart_eyes:

Yes Lads
I have looked at these closely and in order to change the assembly the following may be required

New Wheel Bearings as the old ones may not come out
the disc would be a rear motorbike disc which would give the required diameter 4 off these could be £350 alone (Ktm Rear disc £92 +vat each)
with Bolts, Cir-clips, New wheel Bearings and all the pieces of the assembly you could be looking at £300+ each £1200+ for 4No
The benefits are they could be drilled for any wheel PCD and you wouldn’t have to invest in wheel spacers and you would only have to change the discs in the future

I think the solution is for me to make a set for my own Twizy and get a exact price then release it to the masses.

let me know your thoughts

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sounds like a good investment to future proof the Twizy.

in the UK we would be looking at declaring modifications on the insurance policy.

please get a set built up so we can see the product.

That’s the big thing insurance could be an issue and could put them beyond reach to everyone
like all Mods they wouldn’t look favourably at them.

I’ll do a few models and let you see the plan

generally the brakes are poor with standard wheels :grinning:

those hot wheels boys need all the extra braking they can get :relaxed:

yeah i know but try telling that to an insurance broker

I have a little insight into this.
My Twizy with all mods declared is £35 more expensive to insure than as standard.
This includes wheels, suspension, audio, led lighting, all covered on the policy. On previous experience if I was upgrading the brakes I wouldnt expect any additional cost on top of the original £35.

Luckily for me I have new rear hubs - with no rust - but will have an investigate :grin:

After trying to extract the rear hub from the splines on the Twizy I would say the Brake Mod is a non starter.
Firstly the Castlated nut seems to be swaged on and strips the threads on the shaft when trying to remove
this means too that this special nut would be needed also
the hub seems also to be connected to the upright alloy section as this would not budge even with pullers

For these to be commercial viable and people not to wreck the shafts like I did wouldn’t be a safe bet for anyone, if these were easier removed it might have been a good one

I have drawn up what I think will work and will chip away at it but its not an easy job to get the old ones off

hmm I was thinking it isn’t that easy.

wonder if any one else on here has taken the rear drive assembly apart?