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Will the passenger seat fit a golf bag?

Can’t find this anywhere: will the passenger seat store a golf bag? will it fit? Or on the side, inside the Twizy?

Welcome to the site @eirikiiii.

Yes the passenger seat should have enough space for a golf bag.

Do any other Twizy owners use theirs for golf?

Not sure I agree. The bag diameter will fit. It is the height Golf Clubs would be too tall.
Might need to take them out and lay them down the sides of the drivers seat.

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Could anyone with a set of golf clubs and a Twizy try this out?

A golf bag with clubs in won’t fit. It’s about 36" from the seat to the “ceiling”. As @osbrook said you can take the clubs out and lay them down the side of the seat, but it’s just too much hassle.
At one time I did think about fitting some form of a tray at the back of the Twizy and carry my clubs to the golf course like that but I gave up the idea.


I wonder they’d fit in the cargo?

The cargo just replaces the rear seat, I suspect it would be a smaller compartment.
The rack on the back looks the best solution if like @askho says you can be bothered.

I drove my MX5 to pick up a bike yesterday presuming that it would fit. It really didnt.
But you can get a set of golf clubs in the boot - with the roof down.
That said - I am 100% sure my golf clubs will fit in the Twiz. Photo evidence to follow :+1:

I regularly use my Twizy to get to golf 2 up with 2 bags. Stand the bags next to the twizy, both get in. Lift a bag in next to the driver, base of the bag on the front wheel arch and shut the door. Rpt on the other side. It’s a squeeze but they and you aren’t doing anywhere once you’re both in.


Sounds like my shopping trips. :slight_smile:
I have a Bag in the back but she also holds on to the stuff. :thinking: :shushing_face:


Your seat is so far forwards, I am surprised you can actually get in and drive, unless you are a midget :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Not going to work with my tour bag !!!

I use the Twizy to take my clubs in and they fit a dream. I have a pencil bag and lie them down the sides. I have had 2 bags and a passenger in before! Was a hell of a squeeze!

Small bags do indeed fit down the side well.

I just took that photo to show the height and that the irons do easily fit. If the bag has a bigger diameter - it is just like a larger passenger outwards not upwards! My seat isn’t in the car currently so I cant move it back :persevere: