Window heating switch

I got my Twizy for 2 years now, but suddenly this winter, the switch for toggling the window heating appeared to be changed. Should I be worried?

Previously, I would turn the ring from the 0 downwards to the heating symbol. It would get back to *0 *automatically, and a heating symbol appears at the dashboard. Turning the ring upwards to the empty zone above the 0 would lock it in that zone, but it wouldn’t do anything. I could manually turn the ring back to 0 without worries.

This winter, it is reversed. Turning the ring downwards from the *0-*zone won’t turn the heating on, but turning it upwards turns it on, also locking it in place. (The heating goes off after a few minutes tough, just as normal.)
To turn it off manually, I need to turn the ring downwards to the 0, then upwards again. (and optionally, downwards.)
Worst of all, it’s not really consistent. This is what happens most of the time.

Hey, I made a video about the problem.


Since I can still drive, I’m not in a rush to get it fixed immediately. I just think it’s annoying.
But I do like your reactions on this problem, since you are all much more technical than a casual Twizy driver as me. Do you think I should worry?

Mine operates by turning the switch away from you. And repeat this to turn it off.
if forgotten, it switches off automatically after a few mins.

Yes, mine previously operated like that, but just one day this winter, it changed to like it is in the video.