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Windows approaching

Found this :slight_smile:

Apologies for starting a new thread. This was supposed to be a reply to Twizy Windows and it was intended to be a PDF of the Installation Instructions for the Renault Windows. Sorry on both accounts!

Here we are Trevor

Here is the user guide not the fitting instructions.[

The fitting Instructions are here:-

Cheers Osbrook. So the window can be opened (unzip flop down) and also a half plastic fitted? Does that come with it?

Hmmm. I don’t understand that last picture either. Looks like it can half open to the side too but the YouTube video doesn’t show that.

I dont think its so much that half can open but a separate half panel can be zipped in in the back section. I hope the extra panel comes with the kit. Anyone know?

I will be very interested to see actual detail photos and a fair appraisal of these when someone fits them!

I suspect its just a not very good illustration showing the original panel part peeled back for ventilation !

I am in a dither with these windows-would be handy but need to rest my arm on window and like to be able to talk to others/do tickets too.

As I have gone on and on about, I have had 5 2CVs and LOVED their windows-they are far better than electric proper windows, let alone anything else! I have been spoilt-they are waterproof with the overlap design, naturally vented by the same and can be flipped up and held in place for arm out cruising or will just hover one third open when moving, due to air pressure-there are even after-market adjustable catches to hold them slightly open. You can sit parked with arm on ledge in pouring rain without getting wet or drive with a fag on (those were the days!) without any issues.

With the Renault ones, the opening flap may be handy in the same way??

Looking at the on-line fitting instructions, the door is operated by unzipping the window from the corner to the centre and poping your hand in… there is a tab at the top I think to pull the frame forward as you lift the door.

The zip on the bottom edge does seem to allow you to peel back the leading edge of the window to leave the rear half secured… assume it flaps in the wind, and it also shows you being able to unzip the whole top section and sides to leave the window flapping against the door panel inside.

I can say that there is a very shallow curve at the top edge of the door (from my own design struggles), which means a slightly Convex frame… hence they have gone for bent tube to provide the shape… the thick black PVC wraps around the frame and create a regular seam for a zip to operate and a window shape… allows for them to straighten out some of the zip line and create the correct curves for the zip to follow.

Not sure how the water from the window would run into the car if half open, bit it could mean that on those rare autumn / winter months with sun, you could quickly remove them due to the knurled nut.

Anyone seen a UK price yet?

Not yet.

I haggled with my dealer and I can get them at cost price. He said he will show me the invoice when they come in.

THough when I get the ca friday I might decide i can live without them. I have my gloves, waterproof jacket, showerproof work bag, yet to get waterproof trousers and I should be good to go.

I popped into my Renault dealer to see about price and availability but neither is on their system as yet. They are going to call me on the 12th November as they believe it will appear on their system for sale in that week. How you getting on with your design, just thinking if your mounting bracket is rigid emough you wont need to secure the leading edge of the window to avoid it flaring open?

There is always going to be a sucking force on the leading edge of the window caused by the air accelerating round the windscreen pillar and giving the old airplane wing lift effect which results in a low pressure zone sucking the window outwards. Trying to offset this by bracket and frame is possible but if you dont have a frame and rely on the rigidity of the perspex or polycarbonate then it will bend outwards at speed. At what speed I have no idea.


as posted on the “official Twizy windows” thread-loads of comments etc on there :wink:

Thanks James. I had meant to post my first comment here in that thread but messed up and I kinda hoped it would get moved but never mind. Yes. There is lots of excellent discussion on that exact subject in there