Windows for Twizy


Winter is coming to Sweden and I am planning to get some good windows for the Twizy. I have the original ones from Renault now. But there must be a better option out there.

What do you guys recommend?

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NO windows !!:grinning:


Agree with no windows. I bought a fantastic set of windows but just felt they ruined the Twizy experience and didnt really help keep the rain out… if i was cold i put more clothes on.



Which ones did you have?

Maybe start by sharing what you don’t like about the ones you have

There is to much wind and rain leakage with the original.

Does anyone use “TWY RAIN”? They look good but are they good?

The feeling of driving with out windows is so much better.


I use mine in the rain and bar the odd bit of spray it really doesn’t intrude in to the cabin area. Just wear a nice warm coat with a good high collar (or scarf too) and you will be better off than the stupid windows. I have a genuine Renault set and used them once.

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As I keep saying, when driving the in the winter, forget about insulating the Twizy. Instead insulate yourself.


Take it from the man WHO KNOWS!!!

I’ve have French plastic Windows on my Twizy since owning it.
I had the Renault ones and they are still gathering dust in the garage.
The Windows I have fitted are no longer made (I believe) but they work really well.
They have a sliding front section to let fresh air in and they are also lockable which I need where I work!
Everyone says no Windows in winter, but not me! :smiley:



But how many different modells are there?

The ones I know are :

  1. The original from Renault
  2. Twy Rain from Italy

There is also ELIA Tuning from Germany and Twizy Windows UK which are from a company called I too live in Sweden and its not really just the rain getting in but for me more to keep out a lot of snow. I think TWY Rain look the best to me and I have noticed that is what Sterling Moss has on his Twizy. If they are good enough for him then I’m sure that they will be good enough for me!


Hello, my first post in this forum!
I have just ordered my Twizy from the dealer here in Stockholm Sweden and think I need windows. I have looked at the different options and the Twy Rain lookes like the best but would like some input from someone that have them.

Try the windows of - very well built. Got my side window flaps from him and work like a charm

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New twizy owner in Sweden here :slight_smile: I´m also wondering about windows. I bought the original renault windows, but I think they are more for spring, summer and early autumn and would like better ones for the winter. I’ve checked the italian twy-rain and am thinking about buying a pair. So I’m wondering if they fit the 2016 years twizy model? It looks like they do, but it would be great to hear from anyone here if they fit :slight_smile:

Do you have the 2016 model? Can you take a few pics of the interior and exterior of the doors? A few people have been wondering if there are any changes to the latest model, specifically regarding the window mounting.

Hi, yes I do, I picked it up last Friday :slight_smile:

I have a few pics, want me to post them here? I think it looks the same as I’ve seen on YouTube where they mount twy-rain Windows.

I got this link from the twy-rain seller on eBay and compared and to me it looks the same :slight_smile:

There is one other manufacturer of windows from the Netherlands that I didn’t list previously.

You can also see them in this video,
and this one

To me they look like they have some curvature in them and fit the shape of the Twizy really well.


Sure. Photos would be cool. I know @TwizyWindows was interested: