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Windows For Uk Weather

For me when the time comes aka winter i would like some windows, i know some people have made options but i would like Renault to make an official set my guessing is that it will be a different set of doors (£££) but a retro fit would be great and ideally a easy way to remove so in the summer you can have the option on or off.

Today the options out there are ok but in time i think this will improve with more sales of the Twizy firms may invest more in to options for the Twizy.

In the meantime the best set have seen are the ones on ebay

The only question then becomes: would you pay more for the car if it had windows? If so, how much?

As I understand it from Renault, the reason the Twizy doesn’t have real, sealable car-style windows is that it would require Renault to put in ventilation, demisting and a heater.

That would add a lot to the price, making it less attractive to buyers. Instead, I prefer the soft window option – currently, I’m favoring the IOU windows from France – and perhaps an overnight greenhouse heater in the car to help it stay ice-free on the windows so you don’t have to use the heated screen in the morning to deice it.

Another option of course, would be to offer an ugprade, for extra cost. I’ve looked around the car a lot, and there seems to be space for at least a basic heating system.

I too thought that the seal windows on the side would mean you need the blow and ventilation systems. I posted a link to the windows I liked and I may have a look at doing my own. http://www.twizyowners.com/showthread.php/22-Best-side-windows I do not like the flexible ones as I don’t want to make holes in the body work to clip them on.

The perspex ones fit in using the existing door card screws. So should be as quick and easy to remove after the winter. Being a Motor cycle rider I don’t think it will affect me as much as some. I’ll just stick the bike coat on. Has to be warmer in the Twizy than the bike, although you are more active on the bike, you don’t get the wind in the Twizy.


Because my kids aren’t of an age yet where I trust them as pillions, my Twizy is a subsitute for a bike.

Sadly however, it lacks one thing you can do on a bike in winter: put your gloved hands over the engine when you’re stopped at lights :smiley:

No no the idea is to ride home without putting your feed down, Therefore stopping to warm hands is out. I can only just reach the floor when on the bike anyway. Yamaha TR250 ( Trail Bike)

well that is true about the heater etc… but if the windows are designed with vents for air to come in then it should work fine not after heating have a coat for that more of shelter from the rain when sitting in traffic and the wind is crosswind lol

I can see more firms making 3rd party products and to be honest i think this is the route i will go in the end but hey we can all wish. The soft windows i dont like as dont want to drill into the body work and my personal thoughts look like a golf buggy with the softwindows but hey thats just my thoughts :rolleyes:

In my opinion the soft windows make the Twizy a lot less attractive and look extremely tacky. It would be taken more as a joke with those on I feel.

At the moment, even though it has no windows, it looks smart and clean, nothing to mess about with. It’s just a pure driving experience.

I have noticed that condensation is a big problem on the inside of the screen, and this is gonna be bad in the winter. The heated screen is not very quick at sorting it out, and side windows will not help,much.
Imthink I may revert to,the bike or a car in the colder months, I hate misted up windows.

Not yet experienced this yet, did get caught out the other week with the rain thankfully did not get wet as the wind was in the right direction but i had the heated screen on so perhaps that stopped the misting? will be intresting to see what happens when the temp drops

Our community car club has an Aixam Megacity quadracycle - which is a French G-Wizz - and it has doors, windows and a heater. It’s not quite as fast as a Twizy, but it can do about 40 miles if you’re careful. Teenagers won’t be seen dead in it, because it so obviously fails to be a proper car and is so painfully slow. I rather hope that the Twizy doesn’t try to be a car - and since ours doesn’t even have doors, no-one has ever suggested that it should have windows! Teenagers think it’s cool, and find 30 mph exhilarating!

The Twizy could do with better luggage carrying.

They need to fix the handbrake janmming on sometimes, id like to see “hill hold” and instead of the boot opening from the inside, better if it was on the rear on the outside. I have my windows fitted so no problems now with weather.

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Hy Mavrec, the product is no longer reacheable through your link. Can you please share some more details? Thanks