Windows wanted

Anyone else need windows?
I saw a group buy discount on twizy window’s site.
If there’s enough interest I’m in.

Or if any one has some reasonably priced used windows they want to sell, please let me know.

I bought them for mine, used them for a week and sold them as they as dreadful and spoil the Twizy in my (and others!) opinion.
They don’t keep out the rain and draughts, are a pain to use, damage and scratch easily and stop you enjoying the point of the Twizy.

Buy a decent coat and hat instead :cool:

Hi mender, thanks for your advice, it’s appreciated.

We will have a child in the back for the school run. Don’t the windows help keep the rear passenger dry at all?

If not, I agree windows probably wreck the twizy experience.

If you carry a passenger, you will definitely need windows. I put my windows back on for the winter, despite not liking them. They do keep you drier when it is wet.

Askho that’s great info. Thanks.
What windows do you have if you don’t mind me asking?
Also, would you recommend the ones you have based on your experience or maybe suggest I try the other type? (for a small rear passenger)
Sorry for all the questions, her twizy isn’t due in till Friday if I still get that one.

I used to take my child on the school run in muddy wet conditions and the mudflaps helped more than the windows as the dirty spray was more of an issue than the rain drops, bearing in mind that the child will have to walk through the rain from the car to the school entrance and will be wearing a coat anyway. Depends on the length of the run, but we fitted them mainly for this reason but the incessant leaking around the rear edges where the little gap is around the door lock and the fact they channel the rain along the car and into it, the worse draughts and the complete faff of opening an shutting the doors with them fitted ruled them out very swiftly.
Also with two passengers in damp conditions, they can steam up-are you in slow traffic?

We found them totally useless for our school run but yours may be different?

Someone made some rear deflector type things which were posted on here and were claimed to be good.

I’d still suggest a decent coat and hat are the way forward from our experiences and that the extended mudflaps made the best impact on wet use.

Have fun :cool:

I have the official Renault ones, which are not particularly good. I have no experience of others so I can’t comment. Maybe others can help. Having said that, because the Twizy wasn’t designed to have windows, any form of windows will be a compromise.
As to the point of mudflaps mentioned by mender, I don’t have them and never find that a problem since I have doors. I believe they are essential if you don’t have doors. His advice on a decent coat and hat is sound. I would add gloves in the list. You will need all those in the winter!!

Haven’t we had a great summer. I had a great time with the Twizy, WITHOUT the windows.

Thanks guys
I know it sounds obvious to you guys but your opinions are great.
I’m kind of sold on “no windows” now with a decent water proof coat for my daughter.
My wife is still concerned about leaving her twizy in the town with no windows when it actually arrives.
She’s pretty paranoid about litter and worse cigarette butt’s…

I’ll discuss all your points with her tonight, you may of saved me a few hundred quid :wink:

Keep your twizy advice coming it’s all good.
If she gets soaked from surface water I’ll invest in mud flaps…
Perhaps someone has purchased the blanket? is it worth it or as useful as a chocolate mug.

I fear we may of missed all the sunshine when it comes Friday :frowning:

Mudflaps are a must if you want to keep your car half clean!
The spray from the wheels covers the side of the car without Mudflaps.


Defo buy the extended flaps (and then ignore the instructions and take the wheel spats off to fit them-much easier and more accurate!), as the road mist gets the interior filthy without them, plus the door bases get less covered (as they are plastic, gritty dirt can scratch them when wiping down).

I think the blanket is deleted now, IIRC

Most passers-by can’t work out how to get in without exterior door handles and assume it will be locked and alarmed, but you may find it on Facebook with a photo of people sat in it!
The interior is pretty tough and wipes down, so no worries really-only that people fiddle with buttons like the hazards and can drain your battery. Never happened to me though.

We did really wet school runs in heavy rain and roads covered with an inch of clay mud and only needed on old over-kagoul with hood for the kids. We found the best car seat (age 3-15) is the Graco Junior-it may get a big wet and dirty, but the covers pop off in seconds to machine wash, or it dries it self in the warm/sun. You will need to remove it at night so the Graco is easy and light to lift out in seconds and converts to a booster in half a second; it separates into booster base and back so can be also carried alongside you on the floor either side of the driver’s seat (assuming doors are fitted!) if you have it in the Twizy and unexpectedly pick up a rear passenger with it fitted.
Recommended: costs £20-25 in Morrisons, Halfords etc, Asda etc:,default,pd.html

My only worry with the seat is the belt routing with back on gives a little slack on the rear belt and due to the close proximity of the front seat, the child can faceplant the back of the front seat on impact or emergency braking. It’s better as a booster, but you lose the headrest which stops younger kids lolling sideways and does give a little side impact protection.

In very heavy rain or winter cold, the wind and rain will find a way through the pedal areas anyway, so the windows are pointless! Don’t forget waterproofs can be stowed in the rear cubby (behind rear seat back), but must be in a waterproof bag as this cubby gets wet.

Edit: link added

Cheers, Askho-glad you are enjoying, I’m jealous.
Haha, yes, don’t forget gloves :lol:

Lol you guys!
OK my daughter can thank you lot, I ordered her a barbour outlaw jacket ( water proof)
We’re looking for some hunter wellies.
Now I better add gloves and a hat to the list :wink:

Still, cheaper than windows though!
I can’t wait for her twizy to arrive, I think I’m more excited than my wife

Don’t know about your wife and daughter, but if they are like normal females, they would hate the cold and discomfort of driving the Twizy in the midst of cold and wet winters. Only crazy blokes like us will put up with it. More excuse to keep it to yourself to enjoy.:smile:
Pity you missed the great summer we had with the Twizy.

But the autumn can be amazing with the colours and smells all the more vibrant in the Twizy, just not in shorts :lol:

I have the OEM windows for sale if interested.

How much for the windows?

I’d take 180 for them (currently on ebay). They’re in good condition and seen little use.