Windscreen heating problems

After a good year of owning my Twizy I noticed that the windscreen heating have a few nonheated areas that gos trough the whole height of the windscreen… Anyone have/had the same problem? there are two unheated areas wider than 1cm that are both close to eachother and one quite thin nonheated area few inches away from those two. The windscreen is clean after few minutes, due to the heat from the rest of good areas, but it’s qiute annoying.

Will post some pics when I get the mist on the window again

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I had a similar problem on a Ford I drove years ago.

When I turned on the heated screen the demist pattern looked like a barcode!

I suspect the fix will be a replacement screen.


That’s not the answer that I want :grin:

Probably a few of the traces that are printed on the windscreen are broken.
If you can identify where, there is an option to repair them. You can buy silverpaste that is specifically for repairing screen heaters, for example:

I guess you don’t know how it’s made. Its a tiny wire between the windscreen layers. It’s inside, not on the surface, you can see those wires when you look realy good.