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Winter commuting has arrived

Blimey, My first sub zero commute this morning at minus 2 ambient temperature. All i can say is thank god for a down jacket and windows-not even any sun came out for the “greenhouse warming effect” via the windows! Next experience should be how do Twizy’s handle in the snow…?

I’m betting fairly well…

My very first electric car had narrow wheels and it was awesome in the snow. The wheels tended to cut down through the snow to whatever was underneath!

Being rear-wheel drive and a three-wheeler however, it did go sideways sometimes when it got snowy. All good fun, of course!

My Twizy easily slides about in rain, so you can only imagine what it will be like in icy conditions!!!

On our slick muddy lanes (inch thick clay with rain on top=ice-like grip) the Twizy is very skittish and the rear wants to kick out. If accelerating hard it shimmies left to right and is very oversteer prone under the slightest power on bends. It does brake straight though and gives fair warning of which way it wants to face before it breaks away.

On the flip side, it is a great training tool to learn how to handle a rear drive car in poor conditions.

We had some snow in the night and sleet/rain during the morning, so it was a bit greasy. After standing for an hour with my son in football training, the Twizy felt warm!

Left mine at home this morning, my son moans about the cold, so I let him drive, and go in the back, but didn’t fancy it this morning after a freezing night out at Halloween.
He is back at college next week , so it will be Twizy come what may.
Need to stop using it a bit, as my mileage is racking up a bit, on about 1200 now.

It was raw here today and I did a 40-odd mile fast run today with my 4 year old in the back; he was insistent we took the Twizy!
He wore 5 layers, a Buff, gloves and put his jumper hood up inside his outer hood. I wore a t-shirt, fleece jumper, fleece jacket, “Russian” hat and 'bike gloves and we were both toasty after 4-5 hours out, with some 50+mph sections. I tend to take off the hat and gloves when I hit a 30 zone and chuck them on the floor alongside the seat so I can reach them if I go fast again.

I’m on 7500 miles battery hire limit pa, but have done over 900 in three weeks 8-|

Jeez thats some going,may have to up my mileage allowance payment