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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Winter pics

I sure there will be some extreme pics here, but who is man enough to use the Twizy in the freezing cold Brrrrrr.
Here is mine st about 7 this morning at work, decidedly nippy 8 mile trip

Frost on the roof

Wot no ice on the inside of the windscreen? :lol:

Getting chilly now :wink:

Plenty of Ice on the screen, inside and out, got to say though that the heated screen shifts it in about 30 seconds.

It started 1st turn of the key as well :wink:

Much choke? :slight_smile:

Knew it was gonna be cold this morning, so woolly hat, balaclava, and heated jacket at the ready

Twizy was a bit frosty, definitely dropped the range a bit, but the sunrise this morning was beautiful

This all looks like awesome fun guys. Can’t wait to get my replacement Twizy in a few months… :slight_smile:

Any pics of the damage to your old one?
When’s the new one due?

That’s what I like to see: commitment :lol:

Proper cold weather test of Twizy today: left out in -3 all night, plugged in for few mins to top up from 97% to 100% before leaving.

37 miles of fast ice cold A-road with heated screen on, screen wash froze solid (thanks for decent stuff Renault-it was in it when bought!) as I tried the squirters, heard motor but no wash after 2-3 seconds. Tried 10 miles later and no motor sound, thought fuse blown. Got there with 3 miles left on range, bars out.

Charged from 4% to 100% in 3hrs 25 mins, tried washer now working again-has it got a trip to prevent damage?

Drove back in 2 degrees, but slower as in traffic/fog, 32 miles, got home 2 bars, 9 miles range.

Very pleased with the battery performance considering the very cold conditions-around 40 miles of hilly fast driving :wink:

Just chanced mine… Calculated I had 12 miles battery for a 10 mile journey on mixed roads… RAN out flat. Turned it off for 5mins then it came back to life enough for me to go over the brow of a railway bridge, down the otherside and right into a side street. Went dead again… Waited - coaxed it back into life for about 20 metres but no go. Pushed it for about 1/4 of a mile down a back street to my house! :redface:

How did you calculate?

I used the four bars at 3miles each bar… not sure if it was just the cold as I lost 3 miles just driving out of school on a tickle of a throttle.

Sounds like the problem James had on here the other day.

I drove 15 miles on 4 bars today in freezing conditions and had range left… How come?

back to using mine tomorrow , been out for two days, barely above zero. I have to use headlights and screen all the time now, as I leave at about 7 am and return at 6pm.
Cant wait for longer days .

I think I got caught out by the phantom fourth bar making me believe I had more juice than was in the tank… Or electrons in the cell… When really it should have cancelled itself. That would have meant that I probably had just 10ish miles which was just about the range I needed… Almost. Got a 100% charge tonight though which was a first as it was hovering around 97% for the last few charges.

Not really noticed a reduction in Battery performance but it is kept in Garage over night.

I find the heated screen is rubbish for clearing the whole screen.

It leaves about 10cm each side of non cleared ice, which is like having really thick A pillars. The side wind deflectors also frost over an block view.

Surprising how much you can see until you loose that line of sight.

I find my charger cuts out at 97%-98%, but unplug and then plug in a few hours later and it goes up to 100%.

Trick with visibility is to use Rain-x on the glass (NOT plastics-it will damage them) and when needed pour a jug of fairly warm (eg 50% kettle hot + 50% cold tap water: not too hot) water over the frosty bits-it removes the frost and heats the glass through enough to keep it clear with an occasional blast of the heated screen.
Agree visibility not the strongest point-I more of less put my head out of the window at times to avoid the “thick pillar” effect!

The heated element is probably small to keep within a power usage limit…

? 3 bars = approx 12 miles/4 = 16ish?? For a 12 mile trip you were unlucky! Wonder what happened?

Got stuck in a long tailback last night. Lights required and because I was stationary for long periods at a time, the screen kept fogging over due to the cold requiring use of the screen clearing (LOL) heating element. Having used the lights in the morning for 30 minutes already and unable to charge during the day before for the 17 mile return journey, I was a little concerned. Whilst stationary, I did resort to parking lights. Journey home took about an hour and a half.

With just 5 miles left on the system when I got home it does bring home the difficulty if you get diverted. I believe the cause of the delay was a vehicle accident and it was grid locked. I do wonder how long the lighting and heating system can operate from the spare battery. I could have been stuck there for another hour because nothing was budging.

With a 34 mile round trip each day without possibility of charging, I think I am operating at the limit of winter driving especially when the vast majority of the journey is dual carriageway (national speed limit) and motorway.

If you had been delayed another hour, hypothermia would have been more of a problem than the battery :wink: