Winter ranges

So how did the winter treat you EQ owners? The worst I saw was -26c and I still managed to get to work (60km/40 miles trip) from a full charge. I had to turn up the heating to 23c for it to somewhat heat up the car (without killing my range) and it’s pretty much impossible to keep the side windows defrosted below -20, but other than that it’s been fine. Once or twice I had to charge on the way home because I didn’t charge enough at work (at a measly 2kW), but I can live with that. Keeping my top speed to 80kph/53mph gave me an extra 10km/6.6 miles of range too.

The best I saw in the peak of summer was a full range of around 143km/95 miles and the worst I got over the winter was about 83km/55 miles.

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I can imagine 55 miles is about right at those temperatures! In the UK mine ha averaged around 75 but I only got mine in November so can’t judge summer performance just yet.

The windows do fog up quite a lot without the heating on but I think this is a problem for most EVs.

Except the Twizy :slight_smile:
You need windows to fog up .

I was caught unaware when I had driven in sub zero temperature - it was every 2month routine trip so I knew the mileage should be fine after full charge (usually 15miles left after the return trip). But for the first time those red message (“find the nearest charging point bluh bluh” appeared every 20sec or so, all the heating were turned off (then windows fogged up as you mention above!).

Summer time 75miles reduced to 55 to 65 in cold weather it seems for mine, so I always press ECO and keep the temperature 21 degree - which adds 10-13 miles immediately. Also I noticed once I start driving the remaining mileage usually goes up a little. The starting estimate is always very low/conservative??

my ED smart for four is typically getting around 75 miles in the winter so far , when we had the really cold snap the range did drop to 60 miles.

i find all the warnings annoying when you get down to the last 20% of the battery and the last 10% no range indication.

In total agreement re. annoying warnings, they might as well flash big red 'END OF THE WORLD - WINTER IS COMING" !

I’ve noticed that from a full charge the range drops fairly quickly, but from about 80% it sems to settle down and not drop so quickly.

…and when my battery gets close to 15% I start to check how many KMs I have left so that I have an idea of how many KMs I still have left once the 10% warning kicks in and the range value disappears. And if I’m really desperate then I reset my trip meter so I can judge my remaining range well enough.

in the summer the last 10% gets me about 10 miles , in the winter its about 4 miles.