Winter tyres

I live in Yorkshire, and it snowed today. I have winter tyres on my BMW, no problems getting around. Quite funny watching these 4x4’s struggling with their 4 wheel drive but useless summer tyres. My wife asked about winter tyres for her car, another BMW, but with 19 inch alloy wheels cost, silly money. So she asked about the super Twiz. Cost of continental winter tyres, £36. So I can get all 4 wheels for less than one tyre!

I know the super Twiz is already good in snow, from comments on here, but has anyone tried it in the snow with winter tyres?


Have considered them for mine, but we never get enough really & the Twizy is pretty good anyway, I have them for most of my other cars.

Where can you get £36 tyres for the Twizy? Is that inclusive of VAT? front or back tyre as they are different sizes? For that price I will fit them all year round!

From mytyres, searched by car


It’s were I got my Twizy tyres from. However the prices do change a lot. I see the rears are now 36 where as I paid £39 and within 2 days they had shot up to £50+
So just keep an eye out if you when you need tyres.

Ok Osbrook, wheel do.

Corny but I couldn’t resist it.