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WIP iPhone/iPad App For Recharging Points

So having recently joined the Source London scheme and having spent a lot of time around London i come across a minor issue the source London map of charge points does not load over 3g that well :frowning:

Having waited for a long time trying to get reception (that’s a different topic) i had to give up as the map of charging points would not load and i could not find a charging point. So with this in mind i have decided to create a iPhone/iPad app that will contain all the known charge points but with a minor change in that that data is preloaded so will not require data connection when out and about.

This is going to be my 2nd app i have developed so its all still new to me and wont be that advanced however i have the basics working and so far so good.

Plan to release once its completed as it may help others like myself?!?

Will keep you posted on development, in the mean time if anyone has any suggestions of charge point data other than Source London please let me know and i will try and include that data as well.

Lastly the app will be free as well as i am nice like that :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s awesome! However, the data bit already exists: openchargemap.org

Kevin, the guy who started it, is awesome, and wants it to be a free, open-source database. You’re free to build apps off it, and even charge for the apps if you want. The data however, is open source under CC I believe.

I’d suggest you talk to Kevin @Zerocarbonworld on twitter – and discuss where to go from there :slight_smile:

What’s with this iPhone/iPad only. Can we have an Android version, please.

Good point!

If you can write in .net, there’s MonoTouch, which lets you essentially use the same codebase (different builds) for iOS, Android, and of course, natively for Windows Mobile :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link not seen that before so looks a great resource to review, the main bit would be that a lot of the points are outside of the Source London scheme (already have bulk of London data) so would be good to use for outside of London. Will have a look in more detail this evening thanks again :slight_smile:

haha well chris i did say this was my first attempt :-P, i have not looked at Android before but will take a look and see whats what and if its in my skill set. Rather new to this coding stuff

Yes. There are tons of us outside of London. :slight_smile:


This is really cool. If you manage it I would love to get a partnership between the app and this forum going. We could promote each other, everyone would be a winner. What do you think?

Hi James, i am sure we can work something out will drop you a pm to discuss further

Lastnight made some good progress have 15 data points reporting correctly on the map along with address details so far so good, i am going to try a test out in the real world this weekend if that goes to plan then will start a bulk import of charge points. Will also keep this topic up to date and will upload a sneakpeak video soon

Field test went well over the weekend, a couple of minor bugs which have now been resolved so all in all so far so good! This week will be bulk data upload and all going to plan (subject to work call outs) the app should be submitted to Apple end of the week :cool:

The app is currently with Apple for review in the meantime here is the video i promised a short while back showing a sneak peek:


*This video is of the beta version of the app so its not the final one that has been sent to Apple, there are a lot more chargepoints on the map in the final version and some minor changes have been made since the video was recorded.

Anders, looks really cool! And I’m loving the Twizyowners logo in there! :smiley:

are you using the OpenChargeMap database? If not, how are you ensuring the Charging Station data is not copyrighted?

Just a place holder at the moment, once the app is approved by Apple i will be in touch with you for an approved logo :wink: and thanks for the feedback, quite pleased with it so far being my first app attempt.

Yes data will be from OpenChargeMap after a member of the forums here suggested the site, was going to be a manual find and seek before…

That is great news… let us know when you are ready and we will help promote your app :smiley:

Thanks Kevin, will do :cool:

That’s good. I’m quite indecisive so still not sure I’ll be keeping the current logo!

How’s the app coming along?

Any chnace of an Android version?

App is completed its just waiting for Apple to approve for the App Store which can sadly take upto 5-6 weeks as they quality test the app and check to make sure all the rules are followed etc…

Not sure at the moment, Android coding is a bit different to the SDK that Apple offer so there is a lot more work involved once the apple version is released then i will take a look at Android

Any news? We are keen to start supporting your efforts :smiley:

FYI a new Leaf app has been released using the Open Charge Map database - [URL=“http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/leaf-link/id542304940?mt=8”]LEAF Link