Wiper blades

I’ve just changed the original wiper blade to just a Halfords one. It’s wiping a lot better. The original one seems to be very flimsy and of very poor quality. Only trouble with the Halfords one is although I got the same length 450mm/18", the length is more biased towards the bottom half so leaving a big unswept area on the top and the top right hand corner. Anyone doing the same might be better off getting the 475mm one.

I noted happily at least Twizy took a standard blade fitting - I’m looking at going for those multi bladed types when it comes time to swap!

The original blades are quite bad. When they swing first, most of the time they “jump” over the rain. When they swing back, they clean. But i somehow like them and know how they work.

The 450mm Halford’s wiper blade was getting on my nerves. It leaves a large unwiped area on the top, although it’s meant to be the same length as the original. Today I took a chance and got the 500mm blade, and it is PERFECT.

I agree with 500mm, but the flat blades off ebay are great and cheapest

I gave the Bosch AR20U a go on mine but unfortunately it’s too long (catches at the bottom) - see photos.

Standard 18"

Bosch 20"

Interestingly, when measured there’s more like a 2.5" difference in length. Had it actually been 2" it would have been fine.

I didn’t like the bulky fitting on the Bosch anyway so I’ll have a rethink.

For now I’ve cleaned the screen and wiper with Traffic Film Remover, which has improved the situation.

On the subject of the wiper, is it normal for it to be quite slow?

I changed the blade on the very first day of having Twizy with Valeo soft one. Now, after almost a year, I already have another one, slightly longer.