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Wired Speaker

Does anyone have any suggestions for a reasonable speaker to fit inside the roof pod, for a wire to run down to the dashboard? All the ones I’ve looked at seem too big to fit!

Standard mounting size and the cable is already there. I put up a template at one point.

I forgot there are two pods - does a single wire serve both, or is stereo possible with a twin wire feed? Where in the console are the wires to be found?

Two speakers, as can bee seen in other posts I fitted Bluetooth speakers and ran a USB cable for charging and powering a surface driver speaker to make the roof a speaker. Because of this I didn’t look where the Renault wires came out. However if you look at the fitting instructions for the Parrot kit it shows you where they connect. The link will give you all you need.

TVM, I’ll track it down. No vehicle at the moment as I don’t collect mine from the dealership until 22nd, but I’m preparing all the parts I need for a customisation weekend!