Wiring diagram lights

Hi there!
I have a 2016 Twizy and it turns on the dipped beam as soon as I turn the ignition on. I have mounted some LED running lights and connected them to the side lights. Now I would like to make the dipped beam not to turn on, only the side lights. Anyone know how to make this happened? Or if someone has a wiring diagram I can probably figure it out myself.


A picture of my DRL’s Renault style!


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Hi @Sciroccogtx16v,

What did you end up finding? I’m currently making some mods to my headlights and found that the small blue/brown wires to the as-delivered headlight “daytime running light” component is what you’d need to use, providing it is enough power for your LEDs.

Still, what I’m curious of is, as you said, ignition on, lights on “0”, headlights on. Switch down one, and it’s daytime running lights only. Switch down again, headlights full on again. Is there any way to rewire the switch so that the “0” setting is actually all off??