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Workplace charge point

Just got my workplace charge point fitted using the ecar home and workplace charge grant. All the work was done by powerni in a quick and efficient manner.

home and workplace charge grant

What is the benefit of that? I mean: how much money do you get? :slight_smile:

There is a £1500 grant for a charge point. So you only pay anything if the survey says it will be more than that. I didnt pay anything…

Shame you had to put up with all that ugly carp and you only needed that little grey box at the bottom!

That’s the price we pay for compliance with the charge-point grant regulations, isn’t it? In the long run, I suspect the government will have to insist on “proper” EV’s being charged only through “proper” metered charge-points, if only to recover the fuel tax. When that happens, I hope the Twizy and L-class vehicle community campaign for an exemption, allowing charging from properly protected domestic sockets but subject to L-Class and battery capacity limitations. The rationale would be that this class of vehicle uses far less energy per passenger mile, and the ruling would encourage manufacturers to invest in even more efficient short range runabouts.