Would anyone want a set of these PCD adapters?

Sorry if this is the wrong category for this post, I wasn’t sure which suited it more considering the ones shown aren’t currently for sale.
I just wanted to gauge if anyone would be interested in some 3x98 to 4x100 pcd adapters? I designed my own set because the ones I found online were crazy money and I wanted to convert the car to studs and nuts rather than bolts for ease of wheel changes.
I guess they could be made, anodised and assembled with studs and accessories for around the £300 mark but this is a really rough guess!

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I dont need them myself, but that is really a nice job. Maybe you should put them on the Geman Twizy Forum too. I think there are more people there who pimps their Twizy.

They do look nice, but isn’t that the same price as Elia tuning is selling them for in Germany?

Thank you! Oh is it? I forgot the name of that company so I hadn’t checked but just found them on Google and you’re right. They don’t offer blot to stud conversion but they are the same price!

Thanks mate :slight_smile: they took a fair bit of designing considering 4x100 and 3x98 always have an overlap! Thanks for the idea

Hello Jon
your design looks really good, but be careful of the dimensions as I looked the PCD up on-line and was told 3 x 98 but my calculations show they are actually 3 x 100.
I am in the process of making a set myself, but not as detailed as yours. I thought the same as you the others were just too expensive. You don’t need them to be light so perhaps do less pockets to cut down on your costs.
Check out the dimensions and let me know

Hi Brian,

I measured them on a CMM so I can confirm, they’re 3x98 but thanks for your word of caution!
Yeah they’re far too much money. I could do them with less pockets for less machine down but from a performance point of view, less weight in a rotating assembly is always preferable so I’d rather spend the extra time reducing the weight.
If there was enough interest, I could potentially make a batch of them for less than the £300 competitors.


I’d be interested. I’m literally about to buy a set so will hang on. Any ideas of lead time if you do make a batch?

Hello Again Jon
This morning I took off my hub and put it on my CMM machine, as you had me doubting my calculations.
The hubs I have are definitely 3 x 100 so just be careful when manufacturing a batch although if you drill the Cap-Head bolt holes clearance 14mm it shouldn’t really matter.
I will Machine a few sets "just for the Craic " and let you know.
Also just whilst I’m here had you any thoughts on the complete hubs with motorbike discs attached. I think this would be something people might Purchase, as the OEM ones are expensive.
You could perhaps have a look at this as one of the German guys have done it, and made a Brilliant job of it.
I’ll take a few photos and post them as I go

best of luck


Attached is the CMM report as you will see Dim D is 99.916mm

Regards Brian

Hi Brian,

That’s a weird one! I’d wondered what you meant by calculations before so I didn’t think you’d measured it. What year is your model? Perhaps the PCD changed at some point in the twizy’s production cycle as I’m sure mine came out at 98 on one of our CMMs. As you say though, at 14mm for bolt clearance, 1mm on radius wont make a difference when they’re hubcentric anyway.
I haven’t actually, I haven’t had to change out the discs yet luckily! That sounds like a good idea to me, although I’m trying to sell the twizy to finance another vehicle at the moment so I think my design motivation will dip significantly :wink:

Look forward to seeing your photos! Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Do you own a machine shop yourself? I could always share models if you’d like to try making one or two.

Thanks again,


Yes Jon I have a Large Machine shop with plenty of CNC Capacity I love tinkering with unusual projects, the plan for the Twizy is Wheels and Body Kit and possibly a few other things.
I love the look of the F1 kit and have a plan for a cheaper but good looking copy, I know others are doing this but I 'll give it a blast and see what comes of it.
I think I could make these adaptors for about £50 each + PP that would be Machining, Anodising and supply of long bolt that would go thru both wheel and spacer.

I see where your going with your design but it adds cost, as you or the Customer would need to purchase studs, and also the weight reduction would have little effect, as in most instances the weight along the wheel centre has no effect but you are correct the lighter the wheels the better.

From a Machining background I like to keep the prototypes simple and work from there, as I see so many things over engineered now we all have seen 5 axis and what we can achieve. LOL

keep in touch


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Oh that’s cool, what a useful resource! Do you mind me asking what CMM you used? That’s the industry I work on.
Yeah the F1 kit is cool but a little OTT when you don’t have the KERS system renault had haha! Something similar would be awesome though. Look forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:
Yeah, I couldn’t do it and not stud convert it, I hate wheel bolts, nuts just make everything so much easier.
So what PCD do your adaptors give?

Yeah fair enough, I didn’t have chance to prototype them so I went straight for the finished article straight away. I also only had 3 axis access and not the best milling machine around so the feeds were a little slow.



Currently Jon we have a Hexagon machine Using PC Dimus But we are in the market for a 2 Meter machine as we are moving into bigger components and need the table size.
If you ever require anything or know of any CMM machines that would suit. Give me a call
My Number is 07742808887



Whats the company name mate? I’ll have somebody in sales give you a call!



Hi guys.

With your designs, what depth are you working to for the alloy wheel offset? ie, how thick are you making the the adaptors?
Also, what centre bore are you planning?
Apparently a Renault Clio is the most common 14" alloy to base it on with a 60.1mm centre bore.

Hey Jeff
Yes they would come with a 60.1 counterbore about 11.25 mm deep the will allow the adaptor to fit the hub.
The other face can be anything I suppose depending on the wheel you choose. Most of the guys are just going with a 13" wheel and putting on a 185 x 60 tyre and a 60mm boss as apparently the width is a percentage of the height or so I’m told.
The threaded section is 25mm thick, and the boss is 11mm “cant tell you much more than this or I’d have to shot you” LOL
To be honest they are just the same as the ones on you tube only £100 cheaper. if you want a set send me your PCD and I’ll drill them to suit as you might see a nice Ford wheel or something else.

sure keep in touch


Hi Brian,

I am interested in the set of adapters.
You make them your self?
What kind of material do you use?
And what is the price? is this with the bolts?
do you ship to the Netherlands?


Hey Pieter
I think I could make these adaptors for £50 each + PP that is £200 per set that would be Machining, Anodising and supply of 1 long bolt that would go thru both wheel and spacer I Will also supply the 2 x M12 Cap-heads that bolt the spacer to the hub. The material is commercial Grade Aluminium taken from a Bar not plate. (you must pay the postage) I will find out how much this is and let you know.
I will be making my own parts next week when I decide on a PCD for the new wheels so you can let me know by then.


Hello again Pieter
i have a few set of the wheel adaptors now made please see photos!
IMG_5253|240x320 IMG_5254
let me tell you about choosing wheels as it isnt that straight forward, there is a few things to watch out for.
1 choose a wheel with 100 x 4 PCD (pitch circle Diameter) as this fits the twizy best as you have to use the large bolt to go through both the wheel the wheel spacer and into the hub
2 i have made the spacers with a 60.1 boss this is common but if like me you decide on other wheels the bore could be bigger, this will require sleeves or shims (please see photo)
3 if required i can make this boss what ever you required but just be cautious

if anyone wants to order them, i have a few sets made and will be posting my thoughts and views here in the coming days

the price for the adaptors for £50 each that is £200 per set. plus Postage and packaging

anything i can help you with just give me a shout
thank you and regards