Would like some help on buying a twizy

Hi there, I am new to this forum and just want to say that since the Twizy was released, I have been in love with it.

I have passed my driving test around six months ago, (im 19 by the way) and since then have been driving my parents cars around.

My job is local so I walk there, but use the car for shopping, and general run around really. However with the ever increasing fuel costs, and my family not being so rich and all, would like to get an electric car since I have started driving, I’ve had no problems (so far - touch wood) so feel a new car would be good.

I have been saving for some time, and would really like an opinion on whether I should get the Twizy or not. I am not really that social of a person, so would not need loads of room in the car, and someone in my town (Bournemouth) owns a Twizy - spoke to him once and he said its great for generally running around town. would just like opinions - thanks.

By the way - would probably buy second hand from somewhere online, While I may have been saving up, I cannot really afford a brand new one. I am through and through very passionate about the environment, and would not like to drive a petrol car - for my uses is totally unconventional and inefficient. I have found a few people selling there’s locally for around the £4K - £5K mark, which I do not see as being too bad.


From what you said, the Twizy sounds perfect for you. As I have said before, as long as you don’t treat the Twizy as a serious commuter car, but as a toy, general local run around, popping down to the supermarket, run local errands, etc, you cannot have more FUN than the Twizy. And ATTENTION!! Even now you will have no ends of people staring and wanting to know more.

Having said all that you will find it’s not partcularly cheap to run. Firstly you have to pay for the monthly battery rental which is just like paying out regularly for petrol. Secondly insurance is not particularly cheap and at your age I hate to think. Mind you that applies to any car you are going to get. And if you want to be green, there is not a lot of choice, except a push bike:razz:

Going second hand is definitely the way to go. Keep your eyes open and there are some real bargains going. And if you are serious do it asap because comes the nice weather, the price will go up. Buying in winter is the best time.

Good luck and keep us informed.

What do mean serious commuter car! I use mine every day to get to and from work. No I don’t work at home, however the journey each way is only 4 miles (8 mile commute).
I agree it is an excellent car for Just … I do use mine when ever possible to go further afield - 30plus miles as long as I can charge to come back. The more you use the Twizy the cheaper it is to run. I’ve done 70 miles a day a few times. It is just some much fun to drive.

Battery rental is the killer and makes it cost as much as Petrol in fuel, however no road tax, cheaper insurance and servicing help off set this. Refueling is easy and no looking for petrol stations. It is still greener than a petrol car. But it is the fun factor that I go with.

Hey, Osbrook. You should walk that 4 miles to work, it will keep you fit:razz: But I suppose the Twizy is too much fun, eh?

Must say the longest trip I had undertaken in the Twizy was a 40 miles roundtrip. At the end of it I still had 12 miles range left if I remembered right. I use my Twizy almost everyday to run local errands. I will make any excuse to go out in it, even in the winter.

4 miles each way and a chocking big hill. Time is more important and it allows for me to get out of the office into town etc at lunch.
Lets say I walk at 3 miles an hour, with the big hill then that’s not bad. That is 80 minutes each way or 2hrs 40min a day lost. Against 12-15 minutes in the car.
Having said that I need the exercise, might increase the Twizy range. :o

I have the Twizy I pay for the rental I’m going to use when ever I can. Why miss out on the Fun even if it is to get you to work?

Quite. A Twizy is not a car at all. But it IS a serious mode of local transport that is easy and fun for a car-driver to use. When campaigning for Twizys with the powers-that-be, we prefer to compare it with public transport. It’s effectively a bus or a train that goes from your doorstep as and when you want it to. In other respects, it goes about as far and as fast as you would on local public transport, you dress the same as you would, and the fossil carbon emissions per passenger mile are about the same as a fully laden train (i.e. a LOT better than a car, particularly if you don’t fill the car!).

You sound like a good fit for the Twizy, just:

1/ check the insurance costs as it is classed as a heavy quadricycle and not a car which precludes many insurers
2/ demand a test drive from an interested ZE dealer before committing to buying one at all
3/ remember that if you like shopping, you can’t dump stuff in it and go back as it can’t be locked, even with windows

If it all fits, keep a keen eye out for a used bargain-they have a 4 year transferrable warranty so the oldest has around a year left yet, so no need to buy from a dealer.
Cheapest will be an Urban without doors, but decide if you want doors or not before buying as you can’t add them later. Doors make it feel more enclosed and “safer” but offer little weather protection, but they do mean you can carry shopping either side of the driver’s seat which makes it more useful.
Extended mudflaps are essential, the windows not as most agree they are hopeless. Bluetooth is nice, as is the Skyroof.

A few are coming to market from abroad with batteries owned, one such example sold for £5600 on ebay this week, this would give a saving over the monthly £35++ battery hire, but means you have no UK warranty.

So, do a bit of research, drive one, check insurance costs and work out what model and spec you want.
Good luck

Just a thought-there’s been a few ZOEs pre-reg delivery mileage for around £8k, with your cash as deposit, the remaining finance would be peanuts and there have been some offers on the battery hire too. You might find the insurance to be cheaper than a Twizy to make the difference up.


Thanks for the response, I have been looking at the Zoe too, however I feel that this is maybe a car for later. I like the looks of the Zoe, but love the looks of the Twizy. I have nothing against either of the cars.

I will want doors, while they add little protection in the car, and do not make it any more secure, they are good for peace of mind while driving I feel.

I will be booking a test drive sometime - have a Renault dealer nearby, so will test drive a new one, then go from there I think, but will certainly be buying used. the skylight I would love to have, same with Bluetooth, but if I cannot find a used Twizy with these then I do not mind. as for windows. while the ones from Renault are not the best (so I have heard) other companies do make good ones, and so will be getting some of them.

I have been calculating the distances to places locally, and with a full charge, and an average of around 50 miles to a full charge, I can get from my home to pretty much anywhere I would like to go, and have also been looking at the locations of charging points. - for example from the centre of Bournemouth, I can get to Weymouth on a full charge, and there are charging points in the local area for the Twizy - according to the Renault site.

with regards to what you said about the shopping, and how the Twizy is not very secure. I could leave smaller items in the Boot and, while not too secure would be adequate if left for just a few minutes I feel. by trade I am a landscape photographer, working only in the local area, and so the car will generally hold camera bags and tripods, which should just fit - with no passenger of course. I have off street (garage) parking so security is no problem at home either.

Cant wait to one day get a Twizy.

Excellent. Try it without windows before buying windows, many owners bought them (any) and leave them off. Boot NOT waterproof!

On one of the very first posts to this site I suggested using a Traveler’s mesh. A wire mesh used over a bag to enable it to be secured. Imagine a draw string bag made of wire with a padlock on the draw string. Travels going round the world etc put them over their rucksack and secure to posts and benches while they nip off for a few minutes. So one of these and a good water proof bag and you can leave stuff in the Twizy while out walking.

From a post in June 2012:-

  1. Luguage
    The rear seat takes the old blue Sainbury’s boxs perfectly

To secure a bag in the back use a PacSafe Exomesh. See:-

  1. Luguage
    The rear seat takes the old blue Sainbury’s boxs perfectly

To secure a bag in the back use a PacSafe Exomesh. See:-

See the site has useful information so we should try to keep it going. :smile:

Depending on quite a lot of factors, 50 miles is about the very limit a Twizy can go on one full charge. Be careful of public charging, I believe a lot of chargers do not cater for the Twizy’s 3 pin plug.

Thanks for those responses.

Another quick question whilst on the subject. what is the actual differences between the Colour, Urban and technic choices of Twizy. A lot of the ones I a m finding on the online used car sites are name Twizy E, which doesn’t make any sense to me either. I don’t mind which I get to be honest, but would be good to know what the differences are. if they are big, then I feel the Urban with doors would be the one for me.

Urban - base model
Colour - Urban plus mats and choice of colours
Technic - Mats, Alloy wheels and Carbon fibre effect.

So not a lot. - Mats can be got as accessories, as can Alloy wheels. So choose your Twizy based on what it looks like and with Doors.

Thanks for that, I think I would just get the Urban, then add bits as I see fit. when buying used, there is little choice as to what you get for the price, whereas of course new you have every say in what you pay for. but overall is better to buy used I think.

Urban is the basic model. Colour is next up with colour wraps on glove box tops, roof and doors (option) and upholstery coordinated with the colour scheme. Technic is top model with carbon effects on roof, glove box tops and doors (option), metallic paint and alloys and floor mats. Black and white seats.
To be quite honest, Urban with doors is perfectly adequate.

? All models are plus doors, windows, bluetooth, extended flaps, Skyroof IIRC ?

Urban has grey wheel trims, base colours, black seat and dash
Colour has white wheel trims, more colour options with coloured dash tops and seat inserts
Technic has black alloys, standard black metallic or white pearl paint, carbon effect roof and dash tops, white seat with black inserts, white dash and fitted rubber mats

All are mechanically identical.

I’d have an Urban with Skyroof, doors, extended flaps if having to buy new, otherwise go for best spec and lowest miles for the price.
Transport is easy enough UK-wide.

In our experience, these are an absolute pain because they reflect up onto the windscreen, though they probably photograph better from outside the vehicle! :cool:

It does depend on the colour, my dash glove box tops are Blue and don’t reflect.

Carbon fibre effect ones on Technic are matt and are no problem

The lids on the one we used for a bit were orange, and blocked out half the windscreen with the sun in the wrong direction. The “entry-level” box lids on our own Twizy Urban are black tinted plastic, which are fine and look (to the fashion-blind) remarkably similar to the carbon fibre effect, I imagine. :slight_smile: