Would you buy an iCar?

Would you buy one? Do you think it’s going to happen?

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I cannot see it not happening to be honest, more a case of when.

Tesla have really disrupted traditional car companies and even those that have dipped a toe into the electric market are still finding their feet.

As Ford says, their new competitors will be Google/Apple etc, rewind several years to what the CEO’s of Nokia and Motorola where saying.

Apple are notoriously ruthless in cutting planned launches at the last minute if things are not quite right, so this could be a limiting factor in an actual launch date, but if you look at the article and think 2020 / 2021, the advances from other manufacturers and Tesla by that point as well as the work Google is doing will have to make it a market Apple joins.

The timing works nicely for when my Tesla will be up for renewal as well so a nice problem to have as well :sunglasses: