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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts


Is this anybody’s Twizy? Complete with windows and roof rack. Saw it down Oxford St today.

Wow indeed! Which windows are those? They look neat and fill the entire space with no gaps.
The handbook forbids a roof rack or additional luggage, but that seems to work. Would not like to drive it as fast as I do though with that weight up high.
Perhaps it is for very light goods-eg a florist?

We’ve experimented with some inflatable roof rack “bars” that rest on the roof and are tied down by webbing straps that go through the inside. Although the bars distribute the weight well, I’m nervous about putting any of it on the flexible middle bit. The chassis members run either side of the roof, so I’m now more inclined to try tie-down “blocks” of the kind used to make temporary roof racks for indian canoes. You can get these on Amazon for about £50 and they also use webbing straps. These will at least put the load on the chassis, and they can be taken off fairly easily.

In our experience, and as you’d expect, roof mounted loads affect air resistance and energy consumption, so if you’re going to do this you’d do well to aim for something vaguely “aerodynamic”, like the ones seen above, and keep your speed down if you’re going any distance. :wink:

The Twizy pictured has a full-on metal roof rack with metal attachments-I wonder if someone bright has studied all the kinds of Thule type adaptors and found a style that fits the Twizy shape, or has modified something to fit? However they have done it, it looks as neat as a factory accessory and works with the windows. Good work, I say.

Come on someone, track down the owner! Follow that car :lol:

It is a perfect solution for florists, pizza delivery etc and makes the Twizy more useful. Once again, the owners think of something before Renault :rolleyes:

Love it! Certainly gives the car some boot space to speak of lol.

Love it, wouldn’t wanna own it :wink:

Well, that’s certainly… unique :slight_smile:

Saw it again today. It’s part of a delivery fleet belonging to bccp.co.uk

Thinking of twizy car pictures, the Renault ZE site have some interesting cars. I like the batwizy. This sketch is typically French…