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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Wrapping a Twizy and cost

[FONT=Arial]Thought I’d share our sign wrapping experience. So we had trouble at first finding a local business that had the templates which they use to draw up the design for the car, most of them had never heard of it let alone wrapped one before. We were quoted on average between £800 - £950 to wrap it which is quite abit considering the size. A long story short after a day of research and calling around, there isn’t many places willing to take it on due the many angles the quad has but through many emails back and fourth regarding artwork, we got there in the end. [/FONT][FONT=Arial]The Twizy has quite a lot of branding space. You just have to use the space wisely as it is limited to say the least. We pick the Twiz back up today, can’t wait to see it as it may be the first UK Twiz to be fully wrapped, I don’t know. No doubt the guys in the garage have taken it out for a quick drive aswell as they were blown away with it lol Will post pics once its stopped raining.[/FONT]

It’s not the first. A lot of the demo Twizy’s are wrapped. Lightly has had his wrapped for his business.

Thanks for sharing the price I always wondered what it costs.
Don’t forget to post some pictures.

Signs Express in Slough are the guys that wrapped the promotional Twizys for Renault. Not sure if this is who you went with in the end?

I think their price was around £850 for a full wrap. You are definitely not the first, there are quite a few wrapped for promotions and businesses.

Just ordered my twizy today from the local dealer which is in stock, hopefully collecting once funds transfer this week, will take it straight to local company that wrap expensive cars such as bentley, ferrari etc who will wrap in a special lime green and yellow material that glows in the dark to advertise my company lime !, quoted £ 777.00 + vat, will post pictures as soon as finished then just windows to sort out !!

Finally had the twizy delivered last friday, drove to the wrappers in pouring rain with steamed up windscreen, ( found the demister switch when I got there ! >:( ) having it wrapped in bright yellow and green with glow in the dark lettering !, popped in yesterday to see how they were getting on and took some pics, they are used to wrapping bentley’s and ferrari’s so this was slightly different for them LOL, will update as the process goes on, apparently the wheel arches on held on with cable ties !!

Im pleased with the wheel trims, I like how the white comes through

Looking very distinctive :slight_smile:

thats what Im hoping ! should be finished by Friday

You’ll never lose it in the car park-if you can’t see the crowd around it, you’ll see the car!
Great way to promote your brand :cool:

I shall have to come and say hello and have a look as it is half term next week… a sort of mini Essex meet :slight_smile:

As an F1 fan, I had wondered if one of the Renault backed teams (Lotus, Caterham, Williams, Red Bull) would livery a Twizy in team colours (for free) - I always think the front wheel arrangement looks a bit Lotus 7 Caterham… Like the idea of the Black and Gold JPS scheme or the Green and Gold Colin Chapman colours.

I’d luv a JPS Twiz black with gold wheels would work great…

No worries my company is called LIme and is on the London bound a127 just before Alton garden centre, will be good to meet up.

Hmm, the black and Gold livery with gold and black accented wheels… I wonder If I could Photoshop one

Sooner or later I imagine they will launch branded-up special editions of the Twizy (Lacoste, Loius Vuitton or similar?) in the company’s brand colours with branded wraps for the doors, roof, glovebox lids etc. The seats could be painted to colour and belts matched too, with matching accessories to buy.

For the UK, a Barbour/Berghaus/Rohan/Musto version in muted natural colours with my own version of a “weather pack” (with doors, windows, extended mudflaps, maybe a small electric heater) may be loved by conservative buyers more than the out-there versions we have now.

A Twizy version of this is what I mean

Yes, love the Elise… I have a MK1 MR2 that I took off the road to repair the rust worm from the rear wheel arches in black.

getting some green added now, as its the first twizy they have wrapped its taking longer than they thought as there are a few unusual curves:lol:, luckily I have a price and not day rates !

all ready for the logos to be added, which will probably spoil the look !

Interesting you can wrap the bumpers

I was going to do that with the Z.E