WTB Twizy 80 used, what should i look?

Hi everyone, my name Is Andrea and i’m from Italy.
I fell in love with the little Twizy and i’m looking for one in northern Italy.
I don’t know what should i look for when buying used ev, because It would be my first one. Specifically i don’t know if 2012 could be ok or of i should prefer something newer. How many km are too many? A part from batteries what potential problems should i look for when evaluating the purchase?
Thank you all

Check for sticking brakes
Check handbrake frees the brakes
That the 12V battery stays charged. If you can visibly inspect even better. See if it has been replaced.
The front seat on early (2012) Twizys used to crack under the seat cushion.
The front seat pad cracks.

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