Yearly maintenance cost for your twizy

Excluding your batter cost, how much do you pay for maintenance yearly? Please include the age of the twizy and milages at which the maintenance was done :slight_smile:

My Twizy is over 4 years old with over 11K miles on the clock. It just had it’s 4th year service earlier in the year. So far servicing has cost nothing, as earlier models came with the 4+ scheme, which include free service. So can’t help there.
However I did need new front and rear tyres and I had tracking done.

4 winter tyres £100
Trak rite £46 to track wheels
Nothing else in 2 years .

Where did you get them from?

Item: Hankook Winter i*cept RS (W442) 135/80 R13 70T BSW
Amount: 2
Price: £ 26.60
Total VAT included: 53.20 £

Falken Eurowinter HS-435 145/80 R13 75T BSW
Amount: 2
Price: £ 24.70
Total VAT included: 49.40 £
Includes 20 % VAT = 8.23 £

Total Amount: 49.40 £

Thanks !!!