You now buy battery when moving to a country with no SE service

I read on a dutch Twizy forum that from now on one can buy the battery when moving to a country which has no Twizy-service. Ask RCI for the details.

So how do I get a (temporary) address in one of these countries? Or can we set up a small independent country?

Do I actually have to move or just tell RCI I’m moving, and what happens if you come back?

All sounds a bit odd really. @ALEXAKOS could suddenly have a number of us a temporary house mates or at least a mail box.

I just transfer this information to guide those who are interested where to ask for details :slight_smile:

I had read that in the German contract and that was my plan. That when you move you have the right to return (not buy) the battery.

All you need is a statement of your city that you are relocating and are no longer a registered citizen