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Your insurance quote

Hello I am going to start ringing around for twizy insurance, can anyone tell me this.

Most people are using their no claims on anothe car, and are insuring this seperately, what companies are you using?

Are they specialist companies that you using giving an introductory discount? Who are they please?

What sort of quotes are people getting without using their no claims?

Thank you.

8 year ncb
Limited mileage 4000
£178 inc battery cover.
From a compare web site - Admiral
But I’m older and live up North

We dont have a no claims to use on this, getting silly prices… Renault £1100 this car is so bad on insurance for many people.

Hmm £300 more than me! Looks as though Renault Insurance is the last place to call!

Renault…the LAST place to call…?
Surely not :lol:

Mine was £200 with no no claims again with Admiral and like Osbrook via a compare web site. I live in the South West so this may have a bearing.

£250 for me and the wife, she only has 2 years full uk licence , admiral , 4500k miles, parked on the drive and yet another new insurance policy so no NCD.

My qoute in Norway is about 220£. That is f8r all users (18+), no garage, 12.000km. (I don’t think I’ll be able to drive that far.)
“Enter forsikring” (insurance company)

3 of the compare sites I tried originally had no selectable option for a Twizy, Twingo was the best I could get - so I didn’t bother.

Just got my renewal letter from PlugInsure. The company they used has pulled out of motor insurance. They have another company offering £878 for the year!!! Just gone on go compare using my old Saab no claims and now down to £457. That’s with Admiral.

I’m with Admiral. They were the lowest for me by far, especially after adding multi car discount.

£260 fully comp from Admiral, I have multi - car policy with them with several cars on it, I have 20years NCB, but live in a horrendous postcode for insurance in Belfast. I was happy enough with that.