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ZE Charging

Not just the Twizy,but EV’s in general. The lithium batteries are better charged often then when they are getting empty.

These batteries do not suffer from memory effects quite the same as old nickel cad ones. In fact they will last longer if they are topped up more. A10% discharge can be done 1000s of times, while a 90% discharge will affect the batteries in a few 100s of charges.

See Battery University

Depth of discharge Discharge cycles Table 2:


I’d disagree with the topping up.

The Twizy battery pack is the same as the Leaf’s battery pack (Just a smaller one). And Nissan specifically advises AGAINST topping up.

I’ve owned (probably too many) electric cars, and in my experience, Lithiums don’t like being topped off when they’re more than 90 percent full.

Wait until your’ve gone a little lower – but not into the last bit if you can help it – and charge then :slight_smile:

Mine is half full now, and I haven’t charged it yet, will bang it on tomorrow, after the 7 mile trip to work, will still have about 12 mile left on the range.
So you reckon NOT to run totally flat if poss

I wait until 65%. But this is more to do with my driving pattern and the Solar power available at home.

The manual says you do not need to wait until empty.

I don’t suppose it matters as we rent the batteries and if we do it wrong they get them replaced.



Very right!:wink: