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ZE in the box?

Not going into the dealer for the full sales patter, what is the ZE in the box and how is it different to the Renault +4?
I have also seen something to do with linking GPS on your phone with the Twizy but can’t find it now… any thoughts?
How do current owners feel about doing top speed of 52mph on faster roads, particularly when swapping filter lanes into faster traffic?
Stole this image off the Renault site.

I’ve heard of this Z.E in the box but I think it’s for the other models in the Z.E range. I don’t really know what it is, but definitely didn’t get anything with my Twizy.

Has anyone registered on the Renault Z.E site with their car details? There seems to be an app running on GSM to monitor battery life and location details. Apparantly it can monitor your travel distance and amount of charge based on your location and the distance you have travelled, and warn you of how much charge you have remaining? Read about it in the Battery lease, who mentioned a web link to renault services?

I didn’t think that workd for the Twizy. Zoe upwards.

I tried registering my Twizy on the website and it didn’t recognise my details. But yeah, the whole charging details on your phone thing won’t work with the Twizy.