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Zero Bikes 2013 Lineup

I’ve always been interested in the prospect of an electric motorbike, even though I don’t have a motorbike license nor do I know how to ride a ‘proper’ bike. I always knew of Brammo and their electric bikes, as they started to promote them in Best Buy stores of which I had one near me in Lakeside, Thurrock. However I’ve just come across Zero Motorcycles who already have a UK dealer network, unlike Brammo. Apparently Zero are the market leaders in e-bikes and they just announced details of their 2013 lineup which looks awesome!

Their prices are very reasonable compared to Brammo bikes, and they even come with removable batteries, so you can take the battery with you and charge wherever you like!!! Not to mention free parking in London in some car parks plus the use of bus lanes and being able to filter through traffic, I would seriously consider swapping my Twizy for one of these.

Anyway, here is the link: http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/uk/2013

These look great and are much cheaper than I thought. As a lifelong biker, though the range (even the big battery spec) would frustrate me-once you get in the mood for riding, put on all the gear and get going you want to be out for most of the day, with a few breaks.

I swapped my bike for the Twizy and prefer it-although it pains me to say so and many bikers would laugh.
For what I use it for, not having to put on all the gear and helmet is a major bonus and there is not such a worry about the weather. It has as much rider involvement as a bike and can do amazing things in the right hands, with super-accurate controls and no electronic interference-the Twizy is like an adult go kart for the road.

Downsides of the Twizy are the lack of filtering through traffic and not being able to use bus lanes or bike spaces, but the involvement is there and the things bikers enjoy are there-being part of an elite club, the interaction with the road and conditions and the ability to use the vehicle to its limits for maximum fun.
You can even smell the roads/flowers/diesel like on a bike.

So, although the e-bikes look ace, the downsides outweigh the upsides for me-I couldn’t be arsed to get dressed up (and have the Ninja suit and stupid boots on at my destination) for a short range. At least with the Twizy you can sit in it dry when charging, if caught out.

One thing with these bikes-no-one will hear you coming and as most people don’t look out for bikes (even a huge BMW R1200RT with lights on and a fluoro jacketed rider), it could be a recipe for crashes :’(

Mender - Excellent comments I can relate to all that. Only the range. I trail ride and this needs a reasonable level of fitness that limits the range of the rider. A few biker cafes would allow re-charging while out so that should help. Being quite helps on the trails!

But since having the Twizy I have only ridden the bike twice. Once to get an MOT and once to fetch the tow vehicle for the trailer the Twizy goes on. So much easier to jump in the Twizy than put on all the gear, especially for the commute to work each day. The big biker coat will come out when it gets cold enough to use in the Twizy.

The E bikes do look very nifty, but you need the noise and the speed for me, I use the BMW when I need to negotiate traffic, ie go into the city, or go on a long trip fast, can’t see the E bike fitting the bill just yet , but them I am not at all environmentally friendly , sorry!

I do agree that I would feel very vulnerable on a silent motorbike. Only option I can think of is to have it emit a safety alarm, like how the Twizy has a pedestrian alarm. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be an ‘alarm’ noise, it could be a fake engine noise or anything. It could tide us over until cars become intelligent enough to not pull out into the path of a motorbike using smart sensors and onboard computers etc.


Yes, I guess trail riding would work better than road riding as you say, but would the surface resistance/gradients and throttle blipping reduce the range too far?
How would you trail on an “auto” without a clutch? I would not want to put it in water that I would take a petrol trailie through too.
Lightish at 120kg if it goes down.

My Twizy looks like I green lane in the thing, it is PLASTERED in thick clay mud :rolleyes:

I have de-armoured my Akito Station bike jacket and it works well apart from either the zip or seatbelt chafing my neck. I prefer a fleece with soft collar so the seatbelt rubs that instead. A fleece lined gore-tex jacket with some flexibility would work best as the bike jacket is slightly the wrong shape for a seating position and the front bunches and pushes the collar and zip into your jaw/chin.

I saw the picture of you camouflaged Twizy.

Good idea to take the armour out the jacket.
My first ever drive in a Twizy was while I was wearing my Motor bike coat. In fact it happens to be the same colour as the Twizy Black with blue panels. Must try it again just incase I do need something different or as you say it rubs.