Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle

Last weekend I had a ride out on my fossil burning 300cc Yamaha Xmax 300 Scooter.
Visited a bike shop that has recently started selling Zero Electric Motorcycles.
When I arrived they had a open day with test rides available and was asked if I wanted to take a Bike out :slight_smile:
I explained that I would love one but couldn’t afford one.
“No problem, we’re just trying to get bikers out on them so they can spread the word”
So it would have been rude to refuse!
So I ended up on last year’s model, a Zero DSR with 73BHP and 145 nm of torque.
The power is nothing to write home about but the torque is more than any 1000cc Super bike available!
The Bike has a 14.4 Kwh battery fitted and the bike I rode had the optional ‘Charge Tank’ fitted that adds another 3.6Kwh and 6Kwh Charging from a Charging station.
Only got a 5 minute ride but Wow! I want one!
The torque was amazing.
I am 57 years old and have ridden all kinds of bikes over the years but never one with so much torque from zero mph!
They also had this years model available which has 110bhp and a whopping 190nm of torque, it also has rapid charging option available.
But could not get a ride on one :frowning:
The Bike I rode had 400 miles on the clock and was on sale for £13499
The new model starts at £16499
I can dream… :slight_smile:


I’ve been interested in those Zero bikes for a couple of years too. But, like you said, the prices are just too high…

Have known about the Zero bike for a few years too. They look awesome, but I don’t have my bike license. Maybe it’s time to get one :grin: