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Zero:Net Chargepoints

Just a heads up about a charging network called Zero:Net set up by Zero Carbon World.

Link here: http://www.zerocarbonworld.org/zero-net

Anders, have you included these charge points in your upcoming app?

Testing the limits of the Twizy - Plug-hopping with Zero:Net

Run, Swim, Shop and Sleep with Zero:Net - Five new great places to charge added to Zero:Net this week, now with 149 great locations across the UK

Zero:Net is set for rapid expansion with the introduction of Tap-n-Charge pay-as-you-go #EV Charging Stations

Zero:Net has 152 charging locations live today…

Updated donation kit now being shipped to Zero Carbon World’s charging locations!

Type 2 roll out begins - Four new great places to charge added to ZeroNet this week

But these are no use to Twizy owners.

Not today… but given the Government is now mandating Type 2 connectors and OLEV grants are no longer available for 13A “UK” Charging Stations, a Twizy solution is only a matter of time.

For those whoa re interested, I have built myself a converter box which goes from J1772 to Twizy. This lets me use a type 2 charging station to recharge my Twizy, without worrying about having to find a 13A outlet.

My box is with someone else, but happy to share photos when I have my twizy back :wink:

Nikki I certainly like to see how it’s done and what it looks like.

ZCW have now donated 328 Charging Stations and we have two major partnership announcements in the works :smiley:

A New Way To Charge - Three new great places to charge added to ZeroNet this week.

We are currently installing 26 ZeroNet charging locations in Wales to add to the 25 that exist today… imagine what this map will look like early next year :smiley:

From Glamping to Luxury Hotels - Six new great places to charge added to ZeroNet this week.

I’m sure I read that an updated twizy would have a type 2… Do Nissan Leaf drivers et al, all have to put this type of unit into their homes?

The industry is trying to categorise 13A charging as ‘emergency use only’ and encourage EV owners to install Charging Stations at home. Most drivers will select a Charging Station with the same connector as their car - Type 1 “J1772” for Leaf’s, Type 2 “Mennekes” for ZOE’s, etc.

When traveling drivers will require a cable that matches their car… Type 2 to Type 1, Type 2 to Type 2, Type 2 to Tesla, etc

Which is why it’s particularly frustrating Renault is using 13A on the Twizy, when the rest of its range is moving to Type 1 and Type 2.

Luckily, I have a solution – even if it’s something I built in my shed :wink:

Not quite what I expected. I had imagined a type 2 connector with a short lead to a box (weather proof) containing the 13amp outlet.

Your box looks very neat, but requires the use of a type 2 cable, which is fine for people with Leaf’s etc, but rather an expensive addition to your conversion box. Could be that I’m looking at it all wrong and yours is ideal for you, however I am looking at it from a selfish Twizy point of view.

Are you prepared to explain how the Type 2 to 13 amp 3 pin is wired? A bit cheeky really.

I disagree. I think (hope) that the Twizy will be regarded as a different “micro” category of EV whose main benefit is that it charges in a reasonable time from a standard domestic outlet. I hope that if other manufacturers make this category of vehicle they, too, will use domestic plugs. It means we can re-charge the vehicles almost anywhere, and we only have to carry a fairly cheap extension cable in the limited load space we have. A type 2 socket is an expensive installation for a normal house, and a bulky and expensive conversion box for “emergency” charging from a domestic socket while on the road would add a lot to the cost of ownership.