Zero Twiz alternative longer range batteries

So, there is a new company called Zero Twiz that are doing to manufacture alternative batteries to the Renault one with much longer range. I stumbled across some details but can not remember the specs but have not seen potential prices yet. Anyway, they tweeted and will be at the Fully Charged Live show, so it may be worth keeping an eye on this to see how it develops.

Here is a link to the tweet including a photo of the battery

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So they will make 10.6 and 12.6kwh versions it seems.

Do we know if the car needs to go to them or if we can do the spanner work and how easily we can give the Renault battery back? If you look at the 45 pm contract lease over 3 yrs that’s £1620 total so about half the cost of this new one and my battery is over 6 yrs old now.

Nope and Renault appear to making harder and expensive to return the battery. It’s not a hard job to replace, more a heavy and awkward job. If you a lift and a way to support the battery then is is a lot easier. The blocker is the next step. returning the battery to Renault who will want to ship it to France for testing at our expense before they stop the contract. Must be easier and cheaper ways, surely the Renault EV garage can visually check the battery and sign off to say returned.

Agreed. I could drive it to France myself…on my normal car.