'Zero Twiz' Twizy Battery pack made with Tesla Batteries

Has anyone seen this, or know anything about the plan / company?


10.6kw of beautiful Tesla power going into our upgrade Twizy battery packs! Noting but the best. 40% more kilowatts and lighter. Also tempter controlled to make sure they stay perfect for the long run.

Nice. I have 16kWh on the simmilar cells. They used Panasonic NCR B, I have NCR BL. I decided to keep the weight but put more cells. Please note that this is thin platform and the original battery is a trimming weight for the rest of platform. Of course for someone drive on 2 wheels could be funny, but I try this and please trust me…never ever want do repeat…

Hi max,

Yep this is my company is currently a part of Zero EV. Working on a range of upgrades for a client But instead of him paying for development we came to an agreement that we could sell all upgrades to end user which is where Zero Twiz came from. Going to be offering a 10.6kwh and 12.6kwh direct replacement battery pack that just bolts/ plug in. Type2 socket that goes in place of the 13amp cable and additional on board 3.3kw charger but this can only be fitted with the type2 and battery pack.

The website has just gone live and prototypes are currently undergoing testing we will finalise pricing and allow preorders on website very soon.

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@Zerotwiz Welcome to the Forum this is likely to be a popular thread.

I’ll ask Do you have any prices?
I would still want to use a 3 pin plug for my Twizy as I charge away from (Camp sites and Family) would this be an option? Or even to have both?

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Yes keeping the original 3pin is no issue if you did just the battery pack upgrade we have designed the system to be modular so can pick and chose the required upgrades.

Still working through prices at the moment


interesting the twizy on your website belongs to a youtuber called Ryan Taylor?

he has been trashing the car around skate parks :joy:

will the powerbox work with your new battery options?

Can’t seem to quote Zerotwiz but obviously I will be keeping an eye on the website and thought I would put something on here as I hadn’t see anything else. (Assumed you would be on here though!).


It’s not owned by Ryan the guy that owns it live in the same building as him so as we are doing a rebuild/ upgrade on it Ryan was allowed to have some fun :joy:. Hopefully Ryan will take it out after the upgrade but not to a skatepark this time.

Yep our new pack will work with the power box as uses the same can bus the Twizy know no different, it might even give it more power as the new battery’s will be capable of longer amp output and less voltage sag.

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Zero Twiz Batteries, should be available in about 4 months or so and pricing (TBC) will be around : 10.6kwh pack £4200
12.6kwh pack £4600
and also the Type 2 upgrade £360.

More than I paid for the car. Think I will stick with it ‘as is’ for now!

When are these Batteries available please? also how would it work regarding the Renault pack, do i need to return it to them??

It is a shame that we would have to do battle with Renault over the battery. I believe Zero are trying to find a way out of the contract and then supplying a template of how to do it but they are not going to make it easy and i am sure Renault legal team would kick in to action if they suddenly started getting batteries sent back. I wonder what will happen once the OEM batteries begin to degrade though as the 75% guarantee would then kick in - that would be the sweet spot as Renault might prefer to cancel the contract at that point.

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Any update on the aftermarket battery packs?