ZeroTwiz project car

I was following Zero EV on YouTube as they were doing a 100hp motor transplant + bigger battery for the Twizy.

Looks like they got so far into that and decided to dump the project - shame :frowning_face:
The car is now for sale at - guess where - Sarah Cox Cars! :money_mouth_face: £6911 and no sign or mention of any upgrades to the motor or battery, so I would guess it is left as stock. Oh well.

Not uncommon.
Pretty sure Robert Murray-Smith has done much the same. Other bigger and more important money making ventures take priority.
I just don’t think there is a market big enough for a battery upgrade at a sensible cost.

I could be wrong, but I get the impression that Robert Murray-Smith is all gas and little substance. Nothing to do with his Twizy project, but the lack of an independently tested and verified battery product (last time I checked). Spends a lot of time on various YouTube videos demonstrating related technologies but if it were my business, I would be ploughing that time into the battery, not lab theatrics.

Zero EV on the other hand seem like they’re earning their bread and butter on bigger projects that actually come to fruition (they show real stuff working!) and the Twizy has been been a bit of fun and not overly profitable for them to really chase with any vigor. Totally respect that. Bills have to be paid.

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