Zoe 40KW vs BMW i3 120Ah

Hi folks,

Looking for opinions here. I am having to decide between the Zoe and i3, and there are a couple things I am curious about.

  1. Is the BMW worth the additional cost? I am looking at the entry level Atelier trim other than the rear awkward rear doors, which has no opening of windows is not a big issue for me since it’s the missus and I operating it. Anyone care to comment that might have some experience on it?

  2. I heard the i3 ride is harsh, not as bad as the molar rattling of a Twizy :slight_smile: but how harsh is it to a Twizy, or Zoe?

  3. What’s the practical range of a 40KW Zoe (summer vs winter). I heard 176-186miles, but that feels like summer only?

Any other “worth while info” on either vehicle would be welcome. The time for a new ev is here :slight_smile:

Thanks all.

H CrazyTwizy
I’ve had a a 94Ah BMW i3 for two years and about 10k miles. I’ve heard the comments harsh ride and twitchy steering but that’s not been my experience. Maybe it’s coming from driving a Twizy instead of a larger vehicle with wide tyres. I find the handling great and the steering precise - narrow tyres and a sophisticated double wishbone set up. A lot of my driving is on rural roads in Devon but I do 200 mile motorway journeys quite frequently and in comfort.

As far as range, on full charge I’ve always had 100 miles plus on the guessometer - 110 in the winter and 130 summertime. I’ve no experience in a Zoe but I would think anything over 150 miles is optimistic.

There’s plenty of information and “opinion” on the i3 Facebook group.

Good luck

Thanks for the reassuring comments, I will go check out the i3 page and get more info from there also.

I’ve owned a Zoe for two years and also test drove an i3 last summer. I couldn’t really fault the i3, to be honest. I didn’t have any complaints about the ride comfort. The only things I noticed was that the i3’s brake regen was stronger and the car’s turning circle was quite a bit tighter.

With a 40kWh Zoe in the UK, expect to get a max of 200 miles (300km) at the peak of the summer, down to around 130 miles (200km) during the winter.