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Zoe battery rental

I have a friend & customer who is buying a Zoe, he gets it next week, and has been asking my opinion.
I have no idea if the car is new or not, suspect it’s slightly used, but he seems to have done a great deal, as the dealer Evans Halshaw has done the battery for him at £50 a month for 7500 miles. Will post more details when he comes in. I am getting a go in it next week :slight_smile:

If your friend bought new, he could have bought the car outright without battery rental. I would have done that if I buy a Zoe. Renault have also brought out new favourable tariffs for the Zoe battery rental. I have actually written to Renault and asked if they can do the same for us Twizy owners. I am waiting for their reply, ie if they bother. Will keep you informed.

Battery rental is certainly the key, still love the Twizy, but you have to use it to get your money’s worth, only doe 8800 miles in 2.5 years, use it nearly every day though.

I want to carry my unused miles over and go with a cheaper (limited range) rate until I catch up. That seams fair.

I would like to do the same. As I said I have written to Renault and awaiting their reply. Maybe you should all write and ask them to treat us Twizy owners fairly and make your feelings known. Nothing fancy, just what they have done for Zoe owners.

Has anyone managed to buy a Renault Zoe battery?
I bought my twizy battery and looking to get a Zoe also, but want to own the battery.
Any ideas?

you don’t need to buy the battery most owners are not paying any battery rental because RCI cannot work out direct debits :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is a zombie thread (back from the dead) but just to add…

You can buy out a Zoe battery, you just ask for a buyout price from RCI who finance the batteries and pay it.

I wouldn’t agree that most are not paying rental - some may not be but they risk a poor credit rating as it is effectively defaulting on a credit agreement and they can prevent charging if you don’t pay the lease, plus your battery wouldnt be covered by the warranty for degradation etc, so its not recommended…


So the Zoe is connected remotely to the (to steal a Teslism) ‘mothership’ at Renault. I didn’t realise the older Zoe did that.
I’ve dealt with RCi before and they don’t tend to give a price for a battery unless you have a current agreement and even then it’s like trying to pull blood from a stone to actually give them the money!

I know of 11 owners not paying its an RCI problem , i have seen the letters and emails from three of these owners , RCI admit the problem from there side so no chance of poor credit etc and the battery is still owned by RCI so warranty is still valid.

Direct Debits are on the customers bank accounts but no money is taken , its just down to RCI incompetence as we all know.