Zoe 'check hill assist' and 'check ECS' errors

Here’s a copy of the reply I just wrote from a thread on another EV forum. I think it’d be handy to have here too in case someone else see’s the same error message. But, saying that, you shouldn’t waste your time googling for an answer after you’ve broken down - just ring a recovery company. :slight_smile:

Continuing with this thread… I came across it after searching for ‘check hill assist’. We just had the same problem on our 2017 (42kW) Zoe driven roughly 64,000km while driving through Europe - just what you need on a road-trip! :frowning: The message appeared along with ‘check ecs’ and occasionally ‘limited performance’. It first happened as the car was coming to a stop at a service station charging point. The error flashes, the pedestrian warning sound comes on and the car goes into neutral. After restarting the car (waiting two minutes for the two separate stages of shutdown to complete) the car wouldn’t let me drive forward but would let me drive in reverse. I found a workaround which involved me reversing a few metres, pushing it forward in neutral for a few metres and then repeating the whole process two or three times. Then I could often drive away ok. However, this had to to be done on flat land.

This continued for the next few days (whenever I tried to start the car or if we got into heavy stop/stop, bumper-to-bumper traffic). Two days later, the problem then appeared (twice!) as I was driving around 80kph/55mph. Luckily we happened to be near motorway exists each time and I was able to drift/roll the car over to the side of the road.

We managed to get back to our home country the day after the two 80kph incidents and as soon as I got the car off the ferry I had it transported directly to our Renault dealer. By this time I’d read this thread and was hoping we just had the same brake pedal switch problem as a previous person had here, but we weren’t so lucky. The garage rang today to say that it’s the motor at fault and that the Renault factory have approved its replacement and a new motor and the other necessary parts are now on the way.

So, what I’m basically trying to say is: don’t presume you have the same problem as someone else just because you see the same message. Always take it to a Renault dealer as soon as you can.

I’ll post a follow-up message once the car’s been repaired (on 5 - 7th July).

So…following up on this: the repair date was delayed because the EV technician went on holiday for three weeks, then became ill so was on sick leave for another couple of weeks.

It turns out that the whole motor was replaced at as estimated cost of 6000EUR to Renault. I’m glad the car is still under warranty! But it’s ridiculous that such a huge job had to be carried out when the car had only driven 65000Km. The replacement job took two or three days and I was told there were several messages sent back and forth between the garage and the Renault factory.

So, all’s well now. But I never got to find out what exactly the cause of the original error was. The garage just told me that the error codes reported that it was the motor at fault.

So the moral of this story is: if it happens to you, don’t just presume it’s a dodgy brake pedal switch. Stop and get the car towed. Driving a car through three countries knowing that it could suddenly drop into neutral at 80kph wasn’t fun… And I had a 50/50 chance of being able to pull away after coming to a stop.