Zoe deal

I have just talked a friend of mine into buying an EV, a Zoe.
He and his wife are in their 70s, drive a rather ancient BMW 523i. They only drive locally, a couple of miles down the road to the shops and back etc. and clock about 7K miles a year. Very bad for the car and high fuel consumption too.
I happened to be talking to him just a few days ago and he was moaning about spending about £180 on petrol a month. That got me thinking. He is just a perfect case for buying an EV, what he spends on petrol can be used to PCP an EV. I spoke to him and he was very receptive.
Today I took him to my local Renault dealer where I bought my Twizy, and I have negotiated a very good deal for him, I think. He has signed on the dotted line!!
Zoe Dyn’que Intens with metallic white 2 yrs PCP
No deposit
£154 per month including £70 battery rental
7500 miles a year.
I think that’s a great deal. If I had wanted a Zoe I would have gone for one too. But I have got the Twizy which suits my purpose perfectly. And I LOVE my Twizy. I don’t think I can love a Zoe.

I agree it is virtually a free car. If I was in the market for a car I’d look at that deal, however I too find the Twizy suits my needs better than anything else on the market at present. Still a shame about the Battery rental.

In The Netherlands we have a Private Lease deal for the ZOE https://www.nuelektrisch.nl/ € 447 p/month all-in.
It is a good deal regarding all the costs in NL for driving a new car.

Sounds like a great deal. He’s spending less than he was on petrol and getting a brand new car for two years. Only thing to consider is how much his insurance will increase?

I think his insurance should be less as the BM must be in a higher grouping. Having said that the Zoe is a new car and also he has to insure the battery separately.
He also doesn’t have to pay road tax (£200+) and MOT. All in all he will spend less with a new car. That’s how I managed to talk him into it. It’s a nobrainer.

Good work, Renault should employ you :slight_smile: