Zoe for a week

Took delivery of a nice top of the range Zoe today, courtesy of Renault. Have it for a week to review for the new site that’s (hopefully!) due to launch soon.

First impressions are good. I can see why those with the budget would upgrade to this from the Twizy. It just feels more refined, more grown up, more technological! I’m fully expecting to fall in love with this car a little and I have a long 260 mile drive ahead of me on Friday to fully test it out.

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Enjoy !!

When I got the Twizy I did look at the Zoe which for me is basically a normal car and was impressed with what you got for the money with it

I agree. I wouldn’t buy one as an only car because as you said, it is just a normal car that happens to be electric. Having said that I did talk a friend of mine into getting one. It’s his only car but it suits his circumstance. It was a very good deal too.

Is it the perk of the job. Let us know how you get on.
Can you get other EVs for review? Need any help :wink::wink::wink:

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It will hopefully be a regular perk of the job yes! Let’s see how this one goes and whether anyone wants to read/watch my review first :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re interested in getting involved then yeah definitely you could potentially be reviewing some cars. I will need to grow the team eventually and have a few others interested. Need to concentrate on launching the site first though and then go from there.

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Looking forwards to the first review James :smiley:

Yeah ! Me too.
Will there be videos too?

That’s the plan! :grin:

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You can come to my place over the week-end for a beer in the garden if weather permitted. We can take pictures with the Twizyand show you where to charge for free.

@EricLafoy , I’m off to Yorkshire on Friday and then to the ElectrAA show in Worcestershire on Sunday otherwise I would have loved to! Why don’t you come along? :smiley:

Will love to James but the wife is away for 3 days and I am in charge of the children for the week-end.

I also drove a top of the range ZOE and was very impressed by the drive. I am waiting for what comes next with Nissan and Renault before I place an order to change our family car.

Never mind! I’m sure there will be another opportunity to meet up soon with another EV in my possession :grin: