Zoe PowerBox?

Ok folks, I know this is not a Twizy, yet I love the PowerBox on it. Kenneth got back to me that he does not have one made for a Zoe. Are there any PowerBoxes out there for the Zoe? Or do we have enough folks wanting one to do a Kenneth request to add to his product line-up? Just curious on what you all may have to contribute in pumping up the Zoe’s 0-60mph from 12.5secs down to Tesla Insane mode lol :joy:


Having a Tesla which has ludicrous mode I can tell you that a mod would be well worth it lol :slight_smile:

Even the Twizy powerbox off the line surprises most people right :smiley:

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The Twizy with the PowerBox gets most off the line to 30-40mph. I know the Zoe has the potential… alternatively I may have to look to Tesla for the ultimate solution lol :joy:

haha I must be doing it wrong, I find 0-20mph I am in front and from 21mph onwards not so much lol

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If you don’t have a PowerBox in a Twizy, it’s VERY recommended. 3x the torque makes a massive difference, as well as a strong regen… Kenneth can help :slight_smile: best mod on the Twizy your money can buy :wink:

haha I had the first one @CrazyTwizy, even on max setting only good up to 20mph

Damn… you must be racing a Tesla then haha :sweat_smile:

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